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Chiropractic, what is it?

What you need to know....

Each time you lay on the adjusting table, Dr. Brian is checking for Subluxation.  When Subluxation is present in your body, it reduces your ability to heal and leads to less than optimal health.  

The goal of  an Adjustment is to mobilize that segment of the spine and remove any pressure that may have been on the nervous system.  Doing this allows your body the opportunity to restore it's natural healing ability and to enhance your body's function, immune system, focus, attention and energy.
The intention in our office is to remove any disruptions or distortions of this information (energy) flow that may be caused by a misalignment in the spine that we call "SUBLUXATION". Dr. Brian is trained to LOCATE these Subluxations and adjust them, thereby allowing normal flow of information (energy). 

The idea is that if the master system, which is the nervous system, is healthy and functioning well, then the other systems under it's control will also function in a more optimal fashion.  
According to Gray's Anatomy, the nervous system is the master system in the body and controls and coordinates ALL other systems such as respiratory, muscular, immune and so on. The nervous system includes the brain, spinal cord, the spinal nerves that exit the vertebral column through openings on the sides of each vertebra, and all the peripheral nerves that branch off to serve organs, tissues, blood vessels, muscles etcetera. Information from the environment, both external and internal, goes through the spine to get to the brain. In the same manner, information and decisions made in the brain go through the spine to effect certain outcomes. It is a two-way flow of information. 
The philosophy of Chiropractic is that HEALTH, not merely the absence of symptoms, comes from WITHIN the body, not the outside. It is your internal intelligence (INNATE Intelligence), or inborn intelligence of our bodies that does the healing. It is NOT the drugs, NOT the surgery, NOT the physician and NOT the Chiropractor that does the healing, but rather the body itself.